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Tendon Tears

Tendon Tears

Tendon Tears of Hand and Wrist can cause pain, stiffness, swelling and tenderness. Your hands are among the most complex parts of your body, which means you need specialized care after a tendon injury in your hand or fingers. If you do injure the tendons in your hand or wrist, you may have trouble bending or straightening your fingers.

At Shreya Hospital, Ghaziabad, we offer a wide range of hand and wrist treatment options for tendon injuries. Our Orthopaedic Surgeons specialize in tailoring treatment plans to meet your unique needs and provide non-surgical and surgical solutions for your hand and wrist tendon pain.

Tendons are the tissues that attach your bones to the muscles. When you flex your muscles, the tendons move your bones. The tendons in the hands are easy to injure because we use them so often. You can also experience tendon pain due to arthritis.

Specialists at Shreya Orthopedic Department are highly experienced in treating tendonitis, a very common condition associated with tendons of the hand and wrist.

Diagnosis of Tendon Tears

Without proper diagnosis and treatment, Tendon Tears can become a long-term issue that may limit your hand function. That’s why prompt evaluation and the development of an appropriate treatment plan by our specialists are important to ensure the best possible results. Doctor will first do a physical examination – hand and finger movement, swelling or redness in the area. Doctor might ask you about, when you feel pain and how it affects your daily work. If required in case of severity of Tendonity, you might need to go for Image testing like X-Ray or Ultra Sound.

Treatment for Tendon Tears in the Hand and Wrist

Orthopedic Surgeon at Shreya Hospital offer effective non-surgical and surgical treatment options for tendonitis. We perform complete assessments of your hand and wrist to determine how severe your condition is.

If needed, a musculoskeletal ultrasound may be done to look closely at soft tissues such as tendons in the hand and wrist. After careful evaluation, our surgeons will recommend one of the following treatment options:

Non-Surgical Options for Tendonitis

There are a few non-surgical treatment options that may be effective for tendonitis. We usually try these methods before recommending surgery.

  • Immobilization
    • Bracing
    • Splinting
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Steroid Injection

Surgery for Tendon Tears

If any of the tendons in your hand are damaged and non-surgical treatment is not helping, surgery may be needed to repair them and help restore movement in the affected fingers or thumb.

In many cases, our surgeons will use local anesthesia while the patient is awake when performing surgery for tendonitis.

The surgery is minimally invasive, allowing patients to go home on the same day, experience a quicker recovery time and have a lower risk of side effects and complications. During the procedure, our surgeons will make a small incision in your wrist, hand or finger to locate and repair the damaged tendon.

However, if the tendon damage is more complex, the procedure may be carried out under general anesthesia. Our Orthopedic Surgeons are experts in giving you the full spectrum of care that you need to heal.